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About my training

Exercise and fitness has always been an big part of my life but since setting up my Bootcamp in my local village, becoming a personal trainer and running my own company in Northampton, I have also achieved career satisfaction. Helping people make a lasting difference to their life is very rewarding.


I have come from the fast paced Sales industry where I spent many years as a Sales executive of large companies. I understand the realities that personal health and well-being sometimes comes second in any busy lifestyle. Whether you are a mum or a CEO!


This experience has shaped my approach, which is based on understanding your needs and daily routine. I will create sessions that are tailored around you to achieve the results you have always wanted.

With a friendly, up-beat and fun style, I will deliver challenging and enjoyable workouts to make a positive impact on your life. By supporting and motivating you throughout your training, be it one-on-one or in a group situation, our sessions will be exhilarating rather than a chore.


I am fully insured and Level 3 REPS (Register Of Exercise Professionals), trained with the market leaders in Fitness tutoring, Premier Global and qualified in Pre and Post Natal / GP Exercise Referral. I plan to  have the highest level for personal training knowledge and hope that this is reflected in my knowledge and experience and ultimately in the health management and exercise regimes supplied to my clients. 


In 2017 I trained to become a Pilates instructor with Premier Training in London, where I follow the classic Joseph Pilates Matt strictly.  During lockdown in 2020 I trained with HFE and become a Hatha Yoga teacher .


Sara Warren-Hawes

Yoga Mat




Having practiced yoga for many years myself, I decided early 2020 when the Uk was in lockdown to take up my level 3 yoga teacher training with HFE and totally loving teaching it🙏


The regular practice of Hatha Yoga enhances strength, flexibility, and balance and may offer some light to moderate aerobic conditioning as well, my classes are suitable for all abilities.  Other benefits may be gained from incorporating breath work (pranayama) and meditation as part of, or in addition to, a Hatha Yoga practice.



Other benefits are reduced stress, better nights sleep, improved balance. Lowers levels of depression and can also help relieve neck and back pain also.


Hatha yoga has become one of the more popular types of yoga because it can build strength, improve flexibility, and align posture — while still being gentle enough for most bodies.



Other benefits of Hatha yoga include better sleep, strengthening core muscles, improving depression symptoms, and helping with stress management. 


Monday 10.30am all abilities yoga we also use props such as chairs if your struggle with Matt work 🙏

Tuesday 6pm all abilities

Friday 10.30am 

Gym Tools




Adding exercise into our increasingly busy lives is often one of the main barriers to achieving our fitness, health and well-being goals. I think that lack of confidence, motivation or a negative perception of exercise or fitness levels also doesn’t help us hitting our potential.


Personal Training with me offers the solution to overcome these barriers. Being Level 3 REPS (Register Of Exercise Professionals) Diploma qualified I have achieved with Premier Global who are the market leaders in PT training. This is reflected in the knowledge and experience I pass onto my clients.  I am an excellent motivator and great at creating individual programmes specifically designed to be challenging and enjoyable. So whatever your fitness level or goals I will help you to reach and exceed your targets.

Flexibility is key to sustaining a fun and pleasurable exercise regime. So the location of training is your choice – In my converted stable Private Gym based in Bugbrooke, at your home, the office or outdoors – or a combination of all three. Training can also be individual, for couples or for small groups – again offering flexibility and a choice to suit you.


I believe in providing a holistic approach to health management to help you achieve and maintain lasting results. Nutritional advice following analysis of your normal food consumption is provided as complimentary, if desired. So while an exercise programme is imperative, I also encourage small lifestyle changes to ensure you really reap the rewards of your effort and commitment.

Personal Training





My bootcamps are designed for anyone who loves a bit of fresh air!! Who’ll also thrive on, and are motivated by, dynamic group sessions. Suitable for men and woman of all ages and abilities, you will burn fat and lose inches – guaranteed. 

You will also increase cardio vascular fitness, stamina and energy levels, define and strengthen muscles, reduce stress, blood pressure and cholesterol levels and improve body shape while having fun!


Every intensive whole body conditioning session changes daily for optimum results and enjoyment. With adaptations and progressions offered, complete beginners to seasoned professionals can work at their own pace - generating an exhilarating vibe and group moral.


Unlike other bootcamps I run multiple sessions a week, choose from morning, evening and weekend sessions or any combination that suits your lifestyle. This system also ensures classes remain small, allowing everybody to benefit from individual technique correction and the personal training touch. 

Outdoor BootCamp
Gym Tools





I run 3 9.30am indoor classes at my beautiful converted stable every week.  On a Monday we focus on Legs, Bums & Tums, we use Mats and standing exercises, sometimes also weights around the ankles . Tuesdays is Weight Training after a lengthy mobility warm up we turn to either, dumbbells, kettlebells or Barbells for the strength focus class.  Fridays are a mix of Monday and Tuesday with a little cardio thrown in the mix. I offer these 3 classes for just £10 per week. I also offer zoom in these classes so you can do in the comfort of your own home live with us!!


  • 1) Improved fat loss. When lifting weights, you build lean muscle. ...

  • 2) Enhance your mood and reduce stress. ...

  • 3) Gain strength without bulking. ...

  • 4) Reduce your risk of injury, back pain and arthritis. ...

  • 5) Improve your athletic performance. ...

  • 6) Reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Indoor Fitness Classes
Yoga Mat





Pilates is suitable for both men & women. Regular Pilates can improve posture, muscle tone, balance and joint mobility, as well as relieve stress and tension. For elite athletes, including dancers, Pilates can complement training by developing whole-body strength and flexibility, and help reduce the risk of injury.

I run 5 Pilates classes a week, each class is for all abilities. Each session is unique. I layer [options on ability for the move] each move for the individual concerned. I have a mixture of men and women in my classes, ranging from 10 years old through to 76 years old.  I love teaching Pilates as it is different to my other style of exercise. The results of 1 class are as amazing as any of my other classes such as Personal Training or BootCamp.

My sessions are spread over  days and if you miss a session i am always happy for you to make up the sessions by attending any of my other sessions.  Please see below for some of the super comments on clients who are already benefitting from FBS pilates.

"I have loved Sara’s Pilates classes. Sara is absolutely amazing, very knowledgable, supportive and is brilliant at understanding everyone’s personal goal and ability. Classes are very calming and relaxing whilst challenging enough to leave you feeling energised. The improvement in my flexibility and strength has been great. Can’t recommend enough xx'

'Really enjoy Sara's pilates class, perfect combination of building core strength, stretching and relaxation. Thoroughly recommend. Ive loved Sara's bootcamps for nearly 2 years now, run a little too and pilates is fab for building strength for running and toning up!'




CORPORATE BOOKINGS are available upon request, for any size group or Company. Please use the Contact Form below to get in touch.



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