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A 40 something women, a wife and Mum of 2 little people and with a podgier past, I have always done some form of exercise, whether it was Step aerobic’s in the 1990’s or dancing my feet of in the clubs back in the 2000’s!

I met my husband, Andi, in 2003. We worked and partied a lot back then. Once we settled down, got a house together, I started running one day and, like Forest Gump, i didn’t stop... for 10 months anyway, completing the Portsmouth 10 Mile run in the September, then the Milton Keynes 1/2 marathon in the January and in April completing the Paris Marathon in 2010, in under 4.5 hours! 

In August 2010 I fell pregnant with Harrison, my eldest, and got huge, being afraid to exercise as i thought he was going to fall out!!  I gained 5 stone... yep you heard it right... 5 STONE!!! He was born in the May 2011, and we had decided to get married in December 2011! I joined the gym, did Spin a couple of times a week and worked with booked a Personal trainer who trained me 2 x a week until i got into my wedding dress less than 7 months after birth, losing 6 stone in all!! 

Bang!!! February 2012 and I was pregnant again with No2 and again i gained 5 stone. Charlton was born in November 2012. By then I was spending £60 month, 2 hours a day, £18 a day in Creche at thr Gym 6 days a week lifting the heaviest possible weights i could in Body pump, spinning 50 miles per week and 2/3 Body combat classes a week and not getting my before children body back, i lost majority of it but it was tough couple of years. 

In 2014 I then cleaned up my diet , kept up the the gym and after getting very bored of the same Les mills routines and my body not changing and I decided to set up a Bootcamp in my local village and everything changed.  I dropped 2 dress sizes, met a load of new people i would have never met before and started changing the life of other women too.    I then complete a rather pricey college course for an 6 week intensive Diploma to become a qualified Personal trainer, nutritianist  & Kettle-bell and circuit instructor, if that wasn’t enough & currently studying pre/post natal exercise and GP Exercise referral too.  Yes I’m an addict!!

I know how costly it is having a gym membership, rushing to get to the 9.30am classes and having to hold in the queue to book the prime time creche for the kids so i can work out.. was fed up with the elitism of gyms and women feeling inferior or unconfident about A...working out or to.. I wanted to help & show women (and some men) that it can be done and not to be scared and if you dont have anyone to have your kids to do it with them and i promise it can be done, in the messiest of lifes (mine included) have faith we are strong women (and men) x

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